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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  November 1, 2015 10:30pm-10:40pm CST

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get those receivers and just route after route after route, what they were going to run, the timing was so much better tonight. i've said all along that's what was missing. it wasn't arm strength or age that was doing it, the timing was a little bit off. they got that and they looked tremendous tonight. >> tony, thanks. they also got the running game going, 160 rush yards. that set things up a bit better for peyton on play action. so we turn from tony dungy to mike florio. mike, just when the steelers get their quarterback back, they lose their star running back. what's the latest on le'veon bell? >> well, you know, bob, the steelers initially were optimistic about that ugly knee injury. they took him to a local hospital, he was evaluated and they thought the acl is intact. the mcl was injured and they were hopeful it wasn't a serious injury. there are now multiple reports it's a badly torn mcl that is expected to end the season for le'veon bell. that will bump deangelo williams up to the starting running back position for a team trying to
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compete for a wild card playoff berth. also competing for a wild card playoff berth the new york jets. they lost not one but two quarterbacks to injury on sunday. ryan fitzpatrick the starter has torn ligaments in his left thumb, his nonthrowing hand, and then geno smith came in and he has an injured left shoulder and an abdominal injury. it's so bad the jets are actually beginning the process of making phone calls for available quarterbacks during today's game in oakland, bob. >> wow. and they had had a more or less promising start to the season as well. okay, mike, thanks very much. e final here, as you no doubt know by now, the broncos 29 and the packers 10. al and cris are back to wrap
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play fake, wide open luke wilson at the 5, hit by a dwernds at the end zone. he slams in for a touchdown. >> here's the shotgun snap. cassel pumps, he throws down the right side. the seahawks lead and that will do it. seattle holds on by a point. >> meanwhile let's take a look at the nfc east standings right now. the giants lose a heart-breaker today. brees throws seven touchdown passes, so the east is just a jumble. washington and philly at 3-4, dallas despite those consecutive losses now, five of them, 2-5. still in the hunt. and tony romo they hope they'll get him back by the third week or so of november. so we've got philadelphia and dallas, not what we thought in terms of the standings, but everybody can still win the nfc east and that's our matchup next sunday night. what do you think? >> how much money do you think tony romo is worth right now? this guy has proven -- they haven't won a game without him,
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it's been a rough road here. but the good news is the new orleans saints did the entire division a big favor today in that shootout and so now the giants come back to the pack a little bit. so it really doesn't matter. are we talking about wild card anymore in that division? i don't think so. but somebody is going to win that division and you can foresee the time if tony romo were to come back, they get just hot enough to win that division. could they make a run? they were one of the favorites in the nfc to start the year. >> al: ain't over. philly has a bye week, demarco murray comes back to dallas. >> cris: there you go. >> al: and we'll be there. final score here 29-10. denver scores the first 17 points and the last 12. great night for manning, great night for denver. they are 7-0. green bay no longer unbeaten. off we go to arlington next week. until then al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, heading up this great crew
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city. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special
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football league.donor chain in mercy medical center history good evening, thanks for joining
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i'm dave price. janet hircock says she knew the importance of organ donation but didn't realize how big of an impact she would make. channel 13's jodi whitworth has the story... it's been two weeks since the surgery... it's been two weeks since the
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and doctors praised janet for her willingness to give 020018 - they care for humanity certainly beyond their inner circles, i would like consider them heroes for their courage and genorosity - dr. fraklin janet says the thank you's aren't necessary...saying she was called to sacrifice. and now she's encouraging people to think about what they can do for others 543927 - if nothing else, if you just check that little box on your drivers license, i hear stories all the time about the different organs you can donate after your gone, how many people it can help, how many lifes it can affect. i dont know anyone who wouldnt want to do that jodi whitworth channel 13 news hircock says she's not quite back to feeling 100 - percent... but she expects to make a full recovery in about six weeks. democratic presidential
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candidate bernie sanders is coming to


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